RiffCorp is an American multinational comedy company headquartered in Pensacola, Florida that designs content and content transmission systems. The company's products include the Tim Portal payroll system, the Bionic Instantaneous Transmission System (BITS), and the Laugh Language Comedian Sorting Wizard.

RiffCorp was founded by Trom Davids, in April 1982 to develop and sell content in its various forms to businesses and for personal use. It was incorporated as RiffCorp in March 1993.

RiffCorp is the world's largest content company by revenue, and the world's second largest content company by total assets. Patrons consume more than one million RiffCorp hours of riffcorp content annually worldwide as of March 2016.

RiffCorp is the largest benefactor to comedy troupes worldwide, including The Skrewballz, The Kings of Queens of Comedy, and the Saadboys.

"When you're family."

Bionic Instantaneous Transmission System (BITS) Edit

There is not much known about BITS, as most of the information about it is proprietary. In its original press release dated August 24th, 2017, it has been revealed that BITS transmits content via vibrations to the brain. BITS is designed to mimic the vibrations experienced during the consumption of various pieces of content. The roster of content is ever expanding and includes not only television and movies, but also books, travel destinations, and life experiences.

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